Best Dog Training Program


Welcome to! So, what do we consider to be the best program? While there are several excellent training systems out there, the best we’ve seen so far is by a trainer from New Zealand named Doggy Dan. (If you want to see it right away, click HERE.)

What’s so good about his system? Here are some important points:

  • His method is NOT based on negative training such as yelling and the use of shock collars. Think about it–would YOU like to learn that way? No way!
  • Clickers are not needed, and in fact they just complicate the whole process.
  • Older dogs CAN learn new tricks. Don’t be discouraged if your dog is older–there’s still hope! 🙂
  • His method is about earning your dog’s respect, rather than forcing it. Again, which way would YOU want to learn?
  • His method is about training YOU to train your dog–don’t relay on an external trainer and expect your dog to behave just as well for you when the trainer is away.
  • It’s important to remember that dogs don’t think or act like humans. Doggy Dan teaches you how dogs think.
  • There are at least 34 separate dog behavioral issues that are addressed in his system, ranging from pulling on the leash, to digging issues, to excessive barking–just about any problem you can think of.

So click the link below and check out his site to get a better idea of what his system is all about–I think you will be impressed!

>>>Click HERE for Doggy Dan’s system.<<<